Why do I need MyLivestock?

Did you know that current Federal Humane Transport Records (HTR) regulations are in full effect today? This applies to all transporters of livestock within Canada.

HTR requires the entry of 37 different data elements for every livestock movement. By entering trailer / conveyance and other common information in your profile, this information can be pre-populated for every livestock movement, saving valuable time and effort.

Although many don't realize it, new Federal regulations are coming for livestock Identification and Traceability in Canada:

The MyLivestock digital platform provides a Turn-Key, one stop shop for Canadian livestock operators to not only meet the current and upcoming federal regulations, but bridge the gap between Canadian Provincial jurisdictions, in one unified, first of it's kind platform.

For the cost of a couple of cups of coffee per month, MyLivestock makes it easy to meet the current challenges of regulatory demands on the industry. Additional, non-regulatory features, such as full herd management will come online in subsequent phases.

MyLivestock provides the livestock industry with the tools to meet industry needs, including regulations. But, the platform is meant to provide an easy to use tool, and does not police or enforce reporting - that's up to you to opt in or not!

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