A complete, unified, Canada-wide movement management and reporting app for the Livestock Industry
Opt-in CCIA automated reporting, Humane Transport Records (HTR) and Transfer of Care (TOC) management, including real-time notifications of Livestock movement for upcoming Livestock Identification and Traceability Federal regulations. A complete Turn-Key platform, for both Provincial and Federal requirements. Get ahead of the curve, sign up for free today!

Full manifest integration with participating Provincial Jurisdictions.

Features for all Stakeholders in the Canadian Livestock Industry

Transporters, FeedLots, Abattoirs, Dealers/Auctions, small and large Producers a like!

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CCIA Reporting

Did you know all livestock movement within Canada will require mandatory reporting to CCIA? MyLivestock completely automates the process with flexible RFID tag entry.

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Humane Transport Records (HTR)

Humane Transport Records are currently a requirement to maintain for 2 years. MyLivestock offers full HTR record management.

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Provincial Jurisdiction Manifests

MyLivestock integrates with manifests from participating jurisdictions. Information from the manifest will also submit federal data as required, seamlessly.

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Transporter Module

Transporters will play a big part in satisfying the upcoming Federal Traceability requirements, which is why MyLivestock provides complete Conveyance management features, with real-time driver/dispatcher communication.

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Transfer of Care (TOC)

As part of animal movement, the Transfer of Care document will be a requirement. MyLivestock has you covered.

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Movement History

Easily access all of your movement history events in one place.

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Organization Management

Organizations can mange multiple users, roles and organizational information. Complete account linking and delegation.

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RFID Tag Reconciliation

Livestock receivers will be able to reconcile scanned RFID tags with tags specified on incoming movement records.

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Run on any Device Now

MyLivestock runs on any device, phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Native Apps for Android and iOS.

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