New MyLivestock Features - July 5, 2024

Michael McNutt Jul. 05, 2024

July 5th, 2024

MyLivestock's largest release since go-live introduces brand new features for managing livestock and livestock movements.

Major New Features:

  • Canada-wide General Movements and manifests - see Video
  • Full multi-species support, including Cattle, Pig, Sheep, Equine, Bison, Goat and Cervid
  • My CCIA Tags module - check back soon for My CCIA Tags events.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Ability to add preferred species to your profile
  • Ability to export My Movements
  • Dashboard indicators to assist with missing profile items
  • Validation of CCIA tags as they are entered within movements
  • Ability to add Herd Identifier to general movements
  • Ability to add External reference IDs to general movements
  • Prepopulating of species on movement records based on preferred species
  • Ability for receivers to see movements they are receiving once they are in transit - notification in real-time
  • Added grouping on dashboard for in progress and completed movements