MyLivestock Enhancement Updates

Sam Morreel May 17, 2024

May 17th 2024 7:30 PM Sask. Local time

We're constantly working on improving and incorporating user feedback. Here are the highlights of this maintenance release:


  • Fixed wording for horse colours 
  • Notification routing fixes 
  • Fixed missing Ref # on TOC for HTR only


  • Read only calls improved for system performance
  • Cache manager improved for system performance
  • Various dashboard performance improvements
  • Changed user delegation for Individuals to be email based 
  • Changed "Remember me" wording to "Keep me logged in" and added tooltip 
  • Added ability for users to save their signature and reduced signature height 
  • Change Public tenant name to Individual 
  • Removed unnecessary role permission from org admins 
  • Added checkbox indicator when selecting claim types (ccia/juris) during setup 
  • Movements can now be edited if submitted and no other change has been made in certain scenarios - Manifest and dispatch
  • Movements can now be sent back to shipper if transporter decides to 
  • Added skeleton loading to Livestock and Transporter dashboard
  • Added Movement ID to My Movements, Movement Overview and HTR screens 
  • Initial onboarding setup now include a step to setup conveyance information - optional 
  • Transporter select on manifest is adjusted to be more clear 
  • Added signatures to manifest
  • Added signatures to TOC